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From Jean-Christian Imbeault>
Subject Re: ErrorDocument: 403 Forbidden error
Date Tue, 02 Jul 2002 11:30:57 GMT
Boyle Owen wrote:

>As far as I can see, your scheme only allows access to your site if the referer field
contains your site name.

Oops. My mistake. The is  a second SetEnvIf that allows for my main site 
to access this server (which contains all no html resources, images, 
cgi's, etc...). If a user accesses an HTML page on the main server all 
the images (for example) point to this server. The images get served up 
since I allow for things to be served up if they contain this server's 
name (actually ip) or my main site's name.

>Therefore, I don't see how any primary request (typed into the browser) can get access
since it will have referer empty. 

You are right. And in that case I want my custom 403 error page to be 

I.e. if the referrer filed is blank serve up my custom error page.

>>I think not. Since document root points to /www/htdocs using a leading / 
>>in "/error403.html" means from the DocumentRoot find error403.html.
>Exactly. So it should look for /www/htdocs/error403.html. Why do you say "I think not"?
I misread your original sentence. You are right, the document itself 
physically resides at /www/htdocs/error403.html and the directive is 
ErrorDocument 403 /error403.html

Still, if I don't explicitly giving access to this file then I get the 
previously mentioned Apache error. Why do I need to explicitly give 
access to the file?



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