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From Gary Turner <>
Subject Re: Apache Confs
Date Mon, 15 Jul 2002 02:29:44 GMT
On Sun, 14 Jul 2002 21:42:27 -0400, Trask wrote:

>Anyone know what conf file is used when you do a apachectl start? I
>get an error that states it cant open the httpd.conf file due to
>basically it being in the wrong path.  I have moved all of my
>installation from /usr/local to /webserver and changed everything I
>could find in /bin and /conf that erflected that any clue where
>apachectl looks to look for httpd conf besides itself.  I have checked
>all the conf files and scuh several times now to no avail help me
>please.  Thanks. Trask.

I am assuming from path names that you're running on a *nix, but I could
be wrong since you posted in HTML using lookOut.  httpd.conf _should_ be
in the /etc hierarchy.  FHS rules would have it /etc/apache/http.conf.
If that doesn't work, run `updatedb` followed by `locate httpd.conf`.

I can't imagine why you would screw up your system putting things where
they don't belong, but good luck.
It ain't so much what you don't know that gets you in trouble---
it's what you do know that ain't so.--unk

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