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From "Warhurst, SI (Spencer) " <>
Subject Problems with Apache 2.0.39
Date Mon, 22 Jul 2002 15:21:20 GMT

I posted this before but didn't get any replies, but am getting desparate..
has anyone got ANY ideas at all.. please? I would be surprised if I was the
only one having this problem. Here's the problem description again:

There is an intermittent problem when navigating around pages on our main
web server, which runs Apache 2.0.39. What happens is that when you
click on a link you sometimes get an error page returned entitled "Cannot
find server" with the text "The page cannot be displayed", followed by "the
page you are looking for is currently unavailable.. blah blah". This is
actually an Internet Explorer error page, but something during it's contact
with our Apache server is confusing it. Now the really odd thing is that if
you then click on the browser's back button the page you wanted to navigate
to is actually there. So, it's like Apache has sent the requested page back
to IE but communicated to it properly that is has done so.

On Netscape 4.7x, while it may not be connected to the above IE problem at
all, when I navigate around the web a dialog will sometimes come up saying
"A network error occurred while Netscape was receiving data (Network error:
connection reset by peer). Try connecting again". Again, the page you
actually wanted to go to does appear behind the dialog box.

These problems only seem to have started happening since I upgraded from
Apache 2.0.36 to 2.0.39.

That's it.. I am not sure what to do, as going back to 2.0.36 would be very


Spencer Warhurst

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