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From Minko Govedarov <>
Subject Apache on Win2000 question
Date Thu, 18 Jul 2002 10:21:36 GMT
I have an apache server running on a Win2000 machine
with 1G RAM. The server gets around 150 hits per minute.
The problem is that the child process keeps growing until
the Apache server crashes. So I have to periodically (once a day at least)
restart the apache.
I have set
	ThreadsPerChild 250
	MaxRequestsPerChild  0
I tried and set
	MaxRequestsPerChild  100000
hoping that the child process would die after 100000 requests,
but it didn't, the apache doesn't kill it, it just starts a new one
and very soon the machine is out of ram.
Would MaxClients directive set a limit to the max number of 
child processes? Where to put it in the httpd.conf file?
Any suggestions are welcome.


Minko Govedarov

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