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From Allen Crawford <>
Subject UserDir/403 error
Date Wed, 10 Jul 2002 22:46:25 GMT

I'm brand new to this list and am mainly joining to pick up some knowledge
of Apache.  I'm fairly new to Linux and Apache but am learning quickly.

Anyway, on to my problem.  I'm trying to utilize the UserDir directive.  I
have basically a default installation of Apache 2.0.39.  I added "UserDir
disabled root" in addition to the default "UserDir public_html" line.  I
then created a "public_html" directory under my home directory and made it
world-readable and executable.  I also created an "index.html" file with
world-readable permissions.

After all of this, I am trying to access my page by typing
http://servername/~username/ <http://servername/~username/>  and I'm getting
the 403-Forbidden error.  I have tried changing things so that Apache runs
as the "apache" user that I created, but that didn't help, so I'm back to
the default of "nobody."

So, any suggestions on how to fix this?  I compiled from source using all
the defaults (i.e. configure with no command line options/switches).

In addition, I was wondering if the "public_html" folder in the user
directories needs to be world-executable, or if world-readable is good

Thanks a lot,

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