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From Svetlana Pavlova <>
Subject Apache Alias and .jsp
Date Wed, 31 Jul 2002 08:11:38 GMT
Hello everybody!

I have some problems with Apache Alias. The situation is:

I have a directory on my disk with .html and .jsp files. Apache + Tomcat + ssl. There is an
Alias in httpd.conf, which direct to these files. There is a Context in Tomcat server.xml
file, whicht direct at these files too.

When I start Apache and Tomcat and go to the https://server/Alias/something.html - I see this
file without problems. When I want to look at https://server/Alias/something.jsp, I see only
"File not found"
At the same time, I can see these files through the tomcat context:
https://server/Context/something.html and https://server/Context/something.jsp
And no problem with .jsp

What is wrong?..

Thanks in advance!
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