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From Quackamoe <>
Subject Re: Survey question for any Tomcat or Apache users out there
Date Wed, 24 Jul 2002 16:45:26 GMT

--- Ron Wingfield <> wrote:
> Hello Rick,
> I appreciate your concern and frustration.  I have
> not attempted to install Apache on a MS/Windows box.
>  I'd like to suggest as best I can, without ego or
> derisive attitude, that I would never use any
> MS/Windows system to drive a web server.  TCI/IP and
> the server architecture was not invented for
> Windows.  To install on MS/Windows is analogous to
> attempting to power an Indy Car with a steam engine.
>  Why attempt to make (or expect) Apache to function
> in an operating system environment for which it was
> not designed?
> I understand that some corporate management is
> enamored with MS/Windows, and sometimes you gotta'
> do what you gotta' do.
I agree that Windows isn't a dream environment. My
production versions of Apache run on Solaris and 
HP-UX. But for a local test environment here at work 
I was stuck with installing Apache on a Win95 machine
and at home I installed Apache on a Win98SE machine.
Certainly beats PWS if you're on a PC and need to
out a new SSI or CGI or the like. 


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