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From Miguel Blanco <>
Subject Compatibility Explorer with Apache 1.3.26 SSL
Date Wed, 24 Jul 2002 12:22:05 GMT
Hi, please anybody knows what happend between
Microsoft Explorer and Apache 1.3.6?

I installed Apache 1.3.6 compiled with php and perl,
and the SSL/TSL module. Everything looks good but when
i tried a ssl session with Explorer 5 or 6 never ever
shows the wellcome webpage, with Netcape no problem at
all shows the wellcome webpage. I though it was the
openssl version (6d->5) so it was downgraded...looked
the httpd.conf and i saw the ifenv module there for
the microsoft clients. What can happend?, please any
thoughs?...Nestcape goes, Microsoft doesn't however
the counter in Server_Status says the session hapend
but i don't see the welcome web page just the tipical
microsoft error webpage ??

Bitte konnen sie mir helfen, ich habe keine anhung was
könnte passiert?, por favor ayuda?

please any idea, you are my last hope ;-)

Technical staff - Miguel Blanco.

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