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From Alexander Skwar <>
Subject Re: Useing PHP for db/web content management outside Apache
Date Tue, 23 Jul 2002 20:42:00 GMT
So sprach Daniel Page am 2002-07-22 um 11:13:27 +0200 :
> If I do this, first of all, would the default 30 second execution

Up until the (not yet released) PHP 4.3.0 - yes, it does.  However, you
can either load a different php.ini with a larger max_execution time (by
specifying the -c command line parameter), or you can use
ini_set('max_execution_time', 0);
// OR:

> limit still apply, and secondly, does the command line flavour of PHP
> contain the same database / filesystem access as the Apache PHP

This depends on how the command line flavour has been compiled.  The
stand alone binary always needs to be compiled seperately, so it IS
possible that there are things missing/added.  And in fact some
extensions (eg. readline) are ONLY available in the standalone version.

But generally, I'd think that the stand alone version and the mod_php
have the same features.

Alexander Skwar
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