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From Miguel Blanco <>
Subject Re: newbie, problems with perl .pl files under Apache 1.3.26
Date Tue, 23 Jul 2002 12:00:18 GMT
Enrique no he trabajado sobre windows 2000 y apache
pero si te sirve de idea te diría que actives en el
httpd.conf el server_status y mires que versión de
modulo perl carga y cula tenías antes, tambien mira
los logs para ver si hay fallos de conexión. Por otro
parece como si te hubiera perdido la extensión o no
asociará bien la extensión..lo siento me gustaría
ayudar más pero no se me ocurre.


--- "Vallejo Gutierrez, Enrique"
<> escribió: > Hi!
> 	I am a newbie in this list, and I really have not
> much idea about
> Apache. I work in a University where a web program
> (WebCT) is used to help
> teachers to create web pages for the students. That
> program runs mainly on
> Perl scripts. The web server is Apache, version
> 1.3.26, in a sistem running
> Windows 2000 server.
> 	Our problem is that, after the last security hotfix
> upgrading (to
> version 1.3.26) perl files are not properly run on
> the server. Instead, the
> file is downloaded to the client, with the ususal
> "save file as..." message
> in the web browser. We have found that the problem
> apears when a .pl file is
> referenced in the url menu bar, but if you try to
> access the file without
> the extension (that is, using "...serve_home"
> instead of
> ""), the program works normaly. This
> problem started
> happening just after the patch installing, so I
> suppose it is because of the
> hotfix.
> 	Is this an Apache known problem? The last hotfix
> installed refers to
> security problems related to running code on the
> server. Maybe the security
> problem is related to Perl extensions, and thus it
> is normal you have to
> remove the extension at the url bar, I do not know.
> I have done nothing
> relating MIME extensions, so if it has beeen
> changed, that's because of the
> hotfix.
> 	Due to the program license, we can not upgrade to
> Apache 2.0. I
> would like to know how to solve the Perl problem
> before the course begins.
> Will I have to edit the MIME settings? How can I do
> it? I feel lost!!!!
> 	I have looked at the FAQ and I have found nothing,
> nor in the
> previous messages in this list. Can anybody help me?
> 	Thank you
> Enrique Vallejo Gutiérrez
> Centro de Formación en Nuevas Tecnologías
>    Facultad de Derecho
>    Planta 0 (Antigua aula 6)
> Avda. Los Castros s/n
> 39005 - Santander (Cantabria)
> Spain
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