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From "Charles Knell" <>
Subject Re: Raw beginner needs version info clarification
Date Sat, 13 Jul 2002 19:29:34 GMT
> > I've tried all of your suggestions, but they make no difference.
>What are you trying to accomplish? 
I am trying to start the apache server.

> Which error do you get?
I typed this in the shell as root:

Then I typed:
/usr/local/apache2/bin/httpd -v

Which produced:
error while loading shared open shared
object file:No such file or directory

>Doesnt apachectl work for you for starting/stopping the server?
No, when I type this:
./apachectl start

I get this error:
error while loading shared open shared
object file:No such file or directory

By the way, I've checked the /usr/local/apache2/lib directory and all
the files the shell complains of not being able to find are there.

> > Which file holds the information which tells httpd to set the environment
> The file is /usr/local/apache2/bin/envvars-std

I have looked into this file and the only difference between its contents
and the command line you gave above was and EXPORT command.

> I also suggest that, if you can, try to install the server from source,
instead of using the binary.

The closest I have come to a compiled programming language is Java. I
have never used C or C++ so "compile" and "link" and "makefile" are only
concepts to me. I have no experience with them. It's not that I am unwilling
to learn how to compile and link C code, it's just that it would be a
further distraction from my goal of learning how to install, configure,
and administer Apache. If I can put off learning this now I would rather,
if I cannot put it off, well, then I can't.

Admitting that I am no C programmer, I find it hard to imagine that my
problem is in the Apache executable. I have a feeling (admittedly not
a based on any hard evidence) that the problem may lie in my Bash shell,
but Linux, too is fairly new to me, although I have worked with SunOS
from time to time in the past doing lightweight system administration
work, programming shell scripts and the like. On the other hand, it may
be a problem with the "" script.

Thanks for your responses.

I went to two of my local computer book retailers today but found only
one Apache2 book in stock, and it was not yours. I shall try a huge chain
book store location later this evening.
Charles Knell - email


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