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From "Aimal Khattak" <>
Subject RE: Apache httpd/modules
Date Fri, 12 Jul 2002 10:14:38 GMT
Thanks a lot Mr. Owen.. 

you certainly cleared up many confusions .. 

I also see the example module among the compiled modules now :)

I have one more question regarding the setup of httpd.conf file.. I have installed Apache
in /usr/aimal/Apache.  In the Apache directory, in the conf directory file httpd.conf, even
if I modify the DocumentRoot path, it doesnt change anything and the .html files continue
to be served from the path /usr/local/httpd/htdocs for some reason completely unknown to me

is the real httpd.conf file the one in /usr/aimal/Apache/conf ?? or somewhere else.. is there
a way to find out from where the server is actually reading the httpd.conf file ??

Maybe thats why the example handler for the mod_example is not reacting also ?? since I was
changing the wrong httpd.conf !!

Thanks a lot,

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From: "Boyle Owen" <>
Date: Thu, 11 Jul 2002 12:43:11 +0200
To: <>
Subject: RE: Apache httpd/modules

> See comments below
> Rgds,
> owen Boyle
> >From: Aimal Khattak []
> >
> >when typing 'httpd -l' at the Apache tree root I just get 2 
> >modules listed .. 
> Be careful with Linux - most distributions come with apache already installed. So if
you type "httpd" you will get the default installed apache which happens to be on your path
(e.g. /sbin/apache - do "which httpd" to check).
> >when I do './httpd -l' I get a longer list that also 
> >corresponds to the Configuration file ??
> when you specify the current directory with "./", you can be certain you are executing
the local apache (I assume you installed in /usr/local/apache so you will be in /usr/local/apache/bin
when you do this).
> For fun, try doing:
> 	./httpd -v
> then 
> 	httpd -v
> and comparing the results... (usually, the Linux version will be ancient, like 1.3.12).
> >
> >But on changing the Configuration file to include the 
> >mod_example, I dont get any change in the longer list of 
> >modules.. The ./Configure showed mod_example as being compiled 
> >though?? Also when the example-handler etc. was enabled it 
> >doesnt respond at all !!
> Did you do "make install" after recompiling? You need this to move the newly compiled
httpd into /usr/local/apache/bin. 
> If you did and still don't understand the problem, post your confgure command with all
its options.
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