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From Manuel Carrara <>
Subject Re: Apache2: DocumentRoot: File instead a Directory - 2. Try
Date Thu, 11 Jul 2002 08:22:26 GMT
Hello Dmitry, Hello List

> It sounds good but for one thing... hm... why not using the DirectoryIndex
> "/home/" instead of DocumentRoot
> "/home/" directive?
Because DirectoryIndex only thells apache wich file in this directory to use 
as default index. I dont want to create all the dummy directories (ex: 
/dskjwtejkdfgkhjd) ;)

> Please, try to fix this and tell us what happens.
Nothing, but what expected. 404 for all the dummy dirs.

Example of this working Apache1.3:


All requests are pointed to that script. It works, really believe me, but 
_ONLY_ in apache1.3. How can I do this without using mod_rewrite or using a 
404 php page and sending a 200 header in _APACHE2_? Without significant 
performace lost, that means no RegEx. Maybe I have to write my own apache 
module :(

I understand that in Apache1.3 this behavior is maybe wrong, but I get used to 
Apache2 do it right not to allow it, but I want to use hat can I do. That is 
the question

> ps: still if you need you php script to handle every request it's better to
> use the power of the mod_rewrite.
see up.



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