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Subject Apache/Weblogic Plug-in Problem
Date Thu, 04 Jul 2002 15:13:39 GMT
Solaris 2.8 + Apache 1.3.24 + Weblogic 6.0

Ive got a problem using the apache/weblogic plug-in. My system is 
working perfectly in the weblogic, but Ive got a problem using it 
via apache web server. Im using jsp and servlet, which are handled 
by weblogic, and one servlet makes the transference of an archive 
by "wrinting" into the response, like this: 

disposition","attachment;filename=" + "");

                loop = true;
                ServletOutputStream out = response.getOutputStream();
                result = dumpFile("/home/", out);

Where the function dumpFile("/home/", out); have the 
following code:

   public static void dumpFile(String s, ServletOutputStream out) {
        byte abyte0[] = new byte[4096];

        try {
            BufferedInputStream buf = new BufferedInputStream(new 
            int i;
            while((i =, 0, 4096)) != -1)
                out.write(abyte0, 0, i);
        catch(Exception ex) {
	  System.out.println("download failed");

My problem is that it works perfecty in weblogic, but when Im using 
apache web server, Ive got the following error: 

[Wed Jul  3 11:03:18 2002] [error] PROTOCOL_ERROR [line 485 of 

Am I missing something in the configuration of apache? What do I need 
to configure so I can have the same right in apache to "write" via 
response of a Servlet, which is running in weblogic?

Again, I wanna say that my JSP pages and my other servlets are 
working perfectly into apache and weblogic.

Does someone have some suggestion?

Thanks in advance, 


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