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From Jason Wilkes <>
Subject Odd Response codes in access_log when cgi script crashes
Date Thu, 04 Jul 2002 10:46:54 GMT
Hi Folks,

I have a (perl) cgi script which crashes under very
strange circumtances. Whats more curious is that when
it crashes the response code "333" gets logged to the
access log. Nothing is logged in the error_log.

I've looked through the http rfc, and there is no
response code 333 - so my first question is "is 333 a
valid code, and if so what does it mean?" (The browser
get an "internal server error screen" when the cgi

BTW I'm using apache 1.3.26 / modperl 1-27 /

Secondly if any of you are happy to hypothesize over
my "strange circumstances" here they are: -

The perl script gets a session string from a cookie
(using, and uses this to query a database for
the user id (using DBI). The user id is then used to
further query the database for selects, updates etc.
The CGI script works perfectly for 10,000 users,
except for one user that causes the internal server
error (described above).
I can see the script make the first call to the
database, and then it crashes. The database call is
happy, as the error rountine around the call is not
triggered, and I can see the select in the db logs.
If I run the script in debug mode, and fill in the
arguments by hand, it all works okay.
The users record in the database seems fine too.

To add to the "strangeness" the user id for this
particular user is 333. The same as the error code in
the access_log - coincidence or not I'm not quite

Any thoughts would be appreciated - sorry the
description was long on prose and short on code - but
I know the script works, for the other 9,999 users.



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