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From Divakar Satyanarayan <>
Date Thu, 25 Jul 2002 04:42:15 GMT

  I have an Apache web server listening for Oracle 9iAS. 

 The application generates web pages using PL/SQL agent . A web page
consists of three frames & each of the frame is dynamic. The content depends
on the action performed by the user.

  Now the problem is whenever a request is being sent to the web server it
is creating lot of httpd process to service the request. I searched the web
to find some technical information for finding the reason to this. I assume
that it has got some thing to do with the configuration of Apache web

 One example was when the first request was submitted the number of httpd
process went upto 77 from 13 & when the second request arrived it went to
400+ from 77.

 Please direct me to the information that could help me resolve the above
issue ..

Thanks in Advance

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