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From "Boyle Owen" <>
Subject RE: apachectl doesnt start
Date Mon, 15 Jul 2002 12:41:17 GMT
>From: Ankit Doshi []
>when I try to test the apache configuration, it gives me following 
>apachectl configtest
>[Mon Jul 15 15:47:06 2002] [warn] module mod_jk.c is already 
>added, skipping
>/usr/sbin/apachectl: line 184:  9318 Segmentation fault      (core 
>dumped) $HTTPD -t
>I have checked the httpd.conf file, the mod_jk is being included 
>only once, not more than once. 

I don't think mod_jk is the problem (the warning is coming probably because you are trying
to LoadModule mod_jk but it is already compiled in - do ./httpd -l to see...)

Segmentation fault is not good - how did you compile apache? If you upgraded, did you recompile
external modules as well...


Owen Boyle

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