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From "Boyle Owen" <>
Subject RE: A little heling to a newbie .
Date Fri, 05 Jul 2002 09:40:43 GMT
>From: Gert Koefoed Andersen []
>> As a newbie to use Apache, it have installed Apache v1.3.26 for 
>> win 98Se and then I just asking if some friends here could tell 
>> about making some files that apache uses in the files directory 
>> for download files. The files is index.html and .htaccess ind 
>> download directories.
>> Could some give me a clue on this and a help on it.
>> In the httpd.conf file i have setup ex.
>> alias /general/ "m:/ra/general/"
>> <Directory "m:/ra/general">
>> ..
>> ...
>> ...
>> </Directory>
>> But the thing I missing is to make a automatic making of 
>> \general\index.html and htaccess.
>> Just to the comnand to process it making those 2 files for apache.

You have to make them yourself - there is no automatic command...

- index.html is a plain HTML file. It can contain anything you like. This is not the place
to learn to write HTML, but there are hundreds of books and webpages on the subject.

- .htaccess is a mechanism for adding directives to apache which apply in a specific directory.
It is a complement to the apache config since anything you put in a .htaccess can also go
in the main config file.

I suspect you have a precise application in mind but are a little uncertain of how to implement.
Perhaps if you post a description of what you want users to be able to do on your site, we
will be able to advise on the best way to do it.


Owen Boyle.

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