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From "Boyle Owen" <>
Subject RE: Restricting access with both IP address and password
Date Wed, 03 Jul 2002 08:17:01 GMT
>From: Trish Hartnett []
>I got it working thanks. I'm not sure why but when I changed 
>All to AllowOverride Limit in the httpd.conf something very 
>bad happened. 
>The error.log file got an extra line in it every second or 2 
>saying :
>"[Tue Jul 02 18:27:06 2002] [alert] [client] 
>e:/apache/htdocs/.htaccess: AddHandler not allowed here"
>This continued so long as the Apache server was running as a server.

Read carefully the docs for AllowOverride: it can take many arguments (e.g. Limit if you want
to use Allow/Deny etc., FileInfo if you want to use AddHandler etc. - if you set it to All,
it is like switching on all the arguments, Limit FileInfo Options etc..).

If you switch from All to Limit only, it is like switching off FileInfo - which you need for

Basically, if you are tempted to put a directive in a .htaccess file;
- check the Context in the docs for the directive to ensure it is allowed in .htaccess
- check the AllowOverride docs to see what argument you need to set to allow it to work.

>I have found out that the problem is that my machine was 
>connecting to a 
>proxy server, so that my machine's browser was not connecting 
>the Internet 
>directly. I've bypassed the proxy server on the browser so 
>that it only 
>accesses the proxy server, for files that are not served by 
>the server on my 

That explains a lot! The IP address in the logfile was the one from the proxy...


Owen Boyle

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