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From "Boyle Owen" <>
Subject RE: cgi put script?
Date Tue, 16 Jul 2002 08:19:17 GMT
>From: []
>I'm trying to get the "put" function from Netscape, to work 
>with Apache.
>I have a windows OS (NT server), and I'm using the windows 
>version of perl
>as a cgi script interpreter.  The problem is, the put script won't work
>with perl.  I just get "server error" messages, because perl 
>doesn't like
>the commands, or the syntax, in the scripts.
>I found the scripts from a web site, and a book on Apache.  I'd like to
>first try just finding another put script that will work with perl, in
>windows.  Are there any sources for cgi scripts, I might look at?
>Failing that, can someone point me to some resources to show me how to
>write my own put scripts?

Do I understand that you're trying to PUT a file on the server from the client? If so, apache
doesn't support this HTTP method directly and so you have to make a PUT handler - is it the
handler which is not working? Try this resource from the apache FAQ (hint, hint...)

Otherwise, you are into debugging a CGI script so do the usual things:

- try getting a simpler CGI to work (i.e. "hello world"), that will confirm that your perl
and CGI environment is OK.
- try running from the command line
- enable ScriptLogging to trap the error messages

There is a newish HTML tag <FILE> which goes in a form and which allows the browser
to select a file on the local filesystem for uploading. A file-handle containing the file
data then appears as a cgi parameter in the server. This uses the POST method so is much simpler
than writing a PUT handler. Perhaps this would serve as an alternative?


Owen Boyle.

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