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From "Boyle Owen" <>
Subject RE: Mod_Rewrite on apache 2.0.39 PLZ Help me!!!
Date Thu, 04 Jul 2002 08:15:12 GMT
>From: Ronald M []
>im able to make the virtual host to work,but i cant make the mod rewrite work.
>when i tray to access the page the browser takes forever loading and never stops,
> so i have to stop and close the browser and then restart server or it wont let me 
> use the browser again, and no erros messages, but if i take off the rewrite rules 
> im able to access all my virtual host sites.

Problems like this are most commonly caused by a rewrite-loop: one rule rewrites the URL so
that it matches another rule, which rewrites it, but it then matches the first rule so gets
re-written again and  so on until your machine blows up.

I notice you are not logging rewrites - do that as a start, e.g.

RewriteLog logs/rewrite_log
RewriteLogLevel 9

This will log everything mod_rewrite does.. Check the output when you make a hit and see if
you can spot what's causing the loop.

By the way, your rules are numerous and complex - how did you get to this point? Did you build
them up slowly, checking each one worked as you installed it, or did you code the whole thing
in one go and hope it would work :-)


Owen Boyle

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