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From "Boyle Owen" <>
Subject RE: Strange things with virutal hosts
Date Wed, 03 Jul 2002 08:37:47 GMT
>From: Robert Andersson []

>> http://develop             -> forreal
>> http://develop/            -> develop
>> http://develop/index.html  -> develop
>This is not the case (I saw Michiel tell that this wasn't so, 
>but I mean in general case). The client don't request the document with the 
>server name included in the path, and it's illegal to send a GET with a 
>null path, so the first case can never happen. 
>For the two first the request should, and must, be:
>GET / HTTP/1.1
>Host: develop
>...and for the last:
>GET /index.html HTTP/1.1
>Host: develop

Whoops - you're quite right. I was gettting mixed up with something like http://server/banana
(which causes a redirect if there is no file "banana" but there is a directory "banana") and
http://server/banana/ (which goes straight into the directory and looks for the DirectoryIndex).
In any case, my original suspicion was that he was getting the develop server by default because
his redirect was to the generic IP address, didn't match any VH ServerName and so took the
first which was develop. After looking at his config, it's probably not as simple as that


Owen Boyle.

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