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From "Boyle Owen" <>
Subject RE: UseCanonicalName Off
Date Tue, 02 Jul 2002 08:30:36 GMT
>From: Werner Schalk []
>the docs says if a client
>does not supply a value for
>server name and port it has
>requested and if UseCanonicalName
>is set to "Off" it will determine
>the server's name by using it's
>canonical name. What does that
>exactly mean? Is here the dns
>name meant or the one which 
>is set by the ServerName directive
>or what?

I see what you mean - the docs are a little unclear on this point. My understanding is that
the canonical name of the VH is defined as the ServerName and Port in the VH container. Therefore;

UseCanonicalName on  => use only ServerName + Port, ignore client Host header.
UseCanonicalName off => use client Host header if it exists, otherwise use ServerName +

DNS is only consulted if you say "UseCanonicalName DNS". 

However, the main thing is to figure out why you need this directive. It is only necessary
when apache has to make a re-direct URL back to the same VH (A self-referential URL), e.g.
when the user types http://server/foo and apache must redirect him to http:/server/foo/. This
can get a bit tricky if you have multiple aliases and if your webserver is behind a FW/proxy/router
which changes addresses and ports...


Owen Boyle

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