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From Mark Mentovai <>
Subject Re: Cant make 1.3.26 work with .htpasswd
Date Mon, 15 Jul 2002 13:18:05 GMT wrote:
> I've reinstalled following my own procedure which worked a treat
> on the test server - - and I am
> still having problems replicating this on the main webservers.
> I used to just get 500 server error when I tried to authenticate
> and the errors as previously posted.

500 errors during authentication are a FAQ, see

> Now I notice that I AM getting authorised because the access log
> is now showing the login name of dotname:
> - dotname [15/Jul/2002:12:35:27 +0000] "GET
> /registrars/index.shtml HTTP/1.1" 500 537

That doesn't necessarily mean that authentication was successful, it's the 
username that the client attempted to use.

> which was not happening before. But I'm still getting 500 server
> error after I authenticate, and the same error log entries:
> [Mon Jul 15 12:35:27 2002] [crit] [client] configuration
> error:  couldn't check user.  No user file?: /registrars/index.shtml

Again, it sounds very much like your authentication module doesn't contain the 
username you're trying to use and is not configured to be authoritative.

> So I dont know what to think. I would at this stage suspect the content
> - maybe a CGI is broken etc - but the content has not changed, and
> with the old 1.3.22 httpd all works again, with no alterations to
> content or httpd.conf....

It's possible that the content is at fault, but unlikely.  To rule it out, test 
that you can access that content without password protection, or try 
password-protecting static content.


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