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From Lee Fellows <>
Subject Re: Cannot Drop the mistake of make_sock, could not bind...
Date Tue, 02 Jul 2002 16:40:51 GMT
On Tue, 2002-07-02 at 12:26, Ismael Touama wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm new here:
> RH7.2+Apache_1.3.24+mod_perl_1.26+Apache::ASP
> I can't drop this mistake from my log.
> At the start I had as Port directive 80.
> I put 1023 and then I had a warn with my file
> that tells it was overwritten, so I tried 8080
> and the problem with make_sock stil occurs...
> If someone had time to tells what's the way apache is
> running ? 
> Or give a link, I really disturbed with this error.
> I've got BindAddress *.
> Thanks for any help, it's been a time I'm on.
> bbsc
> ism

  From the description, sounds like you have more then one http
  instance running (invoked from your start script).  Try stopping
  apache and then looking for http processes with ps aux | grep http.
  If you find http processes still running, you may need to try
  'killall -9 httpd' to clean them up.  If that does not work, then
  I believe you will need to kill each instance manually by finding
  its PID in the output from 'ps aux | grep http' and doing
  'kill -9 <PID>' until all have been removed.

  Then try restarting apache and see what you get.

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