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From "Martijn Balink" <>
Subject Locked Log-files
Date Tue, 16 Jul 2002 14:28:43 GMT

I've got a quastion about Apache for Windows. I'm currently running
Windows 2000 server, SP1, with Apache 1.3.26. Because the log-files (and
especcially access.log) are growing fast I want to rotate them. I've
written a simple VBS-script, that renames the access.log-file to
<currentdate>.log, and removes the logfile from a month ago. 
My only problem is: I can't rename the log-file. It appears to remain
open, even though I've stopped the apache-service (I'm running apache as
a startup-service).
I've tried stopping the service in several ways: From the
"services"-windows, from the command prompt by issuing the "net stop
apache" -command, and from the dos-prompt, by typing "apache -n apache
-k shutdown" and "apache -n apache -k stop", but nothing seems to work,
the log-file remains open. When I try to rename them by hand (not
through the script), I get an "access denied or file in use"-error. I do
have al the NTFS-permissions I need.
The FAQ's on the apache site tell about log-rotation, but the tools and
command-line based options in those sections only aply to the

Does anyone have a clue?

Thanks in advance,

Martijn Balink
Network Administrator
Amsterdam School of Business
The Netherlands

P.S. I'm not sure if this has anything to do with it, but I'm using
Apache to host a WebCt-server, and the WebCt installation-procedure does
quite a lot with the Apache-software. My Apache.exe (and thus the
Apache-service) no longer start from their usual location, but from a
location in the WebCt-folder. 

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