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From "The_RadiX" <>
Subject [Apache] Win2k and apache
Date Fri, 05 Jul 2002 13:33:15 GMT
Hi I am currently running Apache 2.0.36 on a Windows 2000 Advanced Server machine with mysql
3.23.47 and php4.1.1 (as a cgi not module.. cant seem to get module to work so I just settled
for cgi ;)

Anyway strangely enough I can only keep the server running for around 24-28 hours at best
before it dies..

it usually happens after around 16-18 hours but it fluctuates greatly and has no seemingly
set pattern..

Now when I say "dies".. I don't mean a lockup or freeze of the terminal.. I mean it seems
to "drop" off the network.. 

No it is not NIC drivers either as I have got the right ones in.. And besides a good friend
of mine has EXACTLY the same problem with his setup.. we both run similiar systems and he
has been trying to iron out this bug for months..

I also have Winroute installed on this server and it has a modem.. I use this server at home
for not only LAN internet surfing but as my development server for websites etc.. 

Catch is.. I will be surfing net sometime .. on ftp to my online server etc.. And then suddenly..
Everything is timing out and getting errors..

Why? because when I ping my home server.. it doesn't respond... it has died..

Also the light on the switch is still there and also from testing with another NIC and also
my friends advice I have come to be pretty sure it isn't the actual network hardware but something
to do with the server itself..

He has tried to ues WinNT 4 server, win2000, win2000 adv server and now win98se.. 

Catch is he has had just the router software and a FTP server etc on there for now close to
a month.. Not ONE lockup of the type yet..

Today he installs Apache 2.. BOOM... There she blows..

And yes indeed I have been running apache2 on there all along too. and always get this prob..

So if anyone out there can help/give ideas. THAT would me MOST helpful ...

Thank you so very much for anyone who can spare me some time to help me out..

I personally would prefer to use Linux.. but I have never found time to install it and set
it up I have so much work and also I need to find out a few things about linux networking
first.. but that's not really important in this mail list..

Thanks a million in advance peoples...

Really appreciate it.

:  Julien Bonastre [ CEO]
:  A.K.A. The_RadiX
:  ABN: 64 235 749 494
:  QUT Student #: 04475739

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