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From "Robert Andersson" <>
Subject Re: limiting questions
Date Mon, 29 Jul 2002 06:26:05 GMT
jan groene wrote:

> hi all!

Hi yourself!

> on some of my hosts i want to introduce a few limits, primarily i want to
> limit the # of concurrent connections per user. my idea is like what i've
> already seen on some websites, e.g. you may download say 2 files at a time
> and any further request to that site is queued up and delayed until one of
> the both connections die/end. i already struggled with a lot of modules,
> course mod_throttle too, which looked to me as the best solution at a
> glance.

I believe this to be correct.

> i faced two problems though: i did not find a way to set those
> limits (especially combining concunrrent connections with an individual
> user). the second one is that every module gives a 503 error to the user
> whenever one of the introduced limits is violated instead of the more
> elegant queueing mechanism...

The limit (of 2 files) and the queuing you're talking about is not imposed
by the web server, but by the client (namely Internet Explorer). There is a
setting in the Windows Registry which you can alter to increase (or
decrease) the number of concurrent connections to a server.
I see no obvious way to queue/delay the download without the client being
the one doing it. When your Apache get a request which should be denied,
what should it do? Just to hold on to the connection would probably be very
unhealthy for your server, but the client would probably disconnect from it
anyway. The best you could do, is to write a custom error document which
presents it in a more elegant way. You could do this so it frequently would
"retry" (ie, refresh) or something, or simply provide a link to the file the
visitor tried to download and tell him to click it when another download is

Robert Andersson

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