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From "Lee" <>
Subject Forcing Apache to only listen on a single IP
Date Mon, 29 Jul 2002 19:50:59 GMT

I have a slight problem.  Firstly some background:

I have a single server that has multiple IPs that I use for testing purposes
only.  One of the IP's x.x.x.13 is using to do Name-based Virtual hosting on
a standard apache binary.

Another IP x.x.x.14 is an Apache-SSL server which is going to be used for
IP-based Secure sites.  This is the machine causing me the problem.

The SSL server will answer all SSL (i.e. port 443) requests regardless of
the IP.  I have tried using Listen to limit the requests just to the x.14
address but it does say in the documentation that this is the default.

Does anyone know of a way of limiting apache to only listen on the specific
IPs you want rather than all the IP's the server has?

Thanks  for you help



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