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From "marcello s." <>
Subject Dr.Watson errors after Apache 1.3.26 on NT 4.0 SP6
Date Wed, 24 Jul 2002 12:56:41 GMT
hello all,

A newbie in Apache here :)
and I just installed Apache(s) as service on an NT 4 SP6a test box here.

1. this might sound foolish, but am I supposed to Stop Apache first before
editing httpd.conf?
or can i edit httpd.conf, then just Restart Apache?
How is the correct way to test various httpd.conf if i only have one NT box
to try?

2. I notice that after several restart of Apache, it refuses to start, Dr.
Watson appears, and there theres error 0x0000005 0x00T210c3.
Is it caused by the Question #1 above? Or is this a known issue of

I also notice in Event manager and error.log, several errors about SMTP
something. But, even with that errors the Apache will have to be restarted
several times before the Apache refuses to start completely.

The problem wont go away with just Repairing from the Apache .msi
I need to complete uninstall and reinstall Apache 1.3.26 to make the problem
I tried to re-download the installer, with the same effect.

I tried to install the 2.0.39. The Dr.Watson errors still pops up. But
Apache keeps working.
Its what I use now.

Any idea on what am I suppose to check about this Dr. Watson error?

3. If I change some value in php.ini, should I restart Apache to make it in

thanks in advance!

marcello s.

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