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From "Daniel Page" <>
Subject Useing PHP for db/web content management outside Apache
Date Mon, 22 Jul 2002 09:13:27 GMT

I have recently come from the AOLServer/TCL world to work with Apache/PHP/MySQL, and this
could be slightly off topic... I have gone over the Apache httpd docs, and not found and answer
to my question.

One of the great things about AOLServer is the possibility to include a TCL script, run at
a given time by the server to carry out maintenance on the system (like assimilating user
files and inserting them into the database). Under Apache, I could probably use Perl for this,
but I do not want to learn this language too (probably a mistake, but there, na!), as I would
prefer to use the PHP for web page programming and for server maintenance, and have a universal
and global web platform programming platform.

As you can use PHP from the command line (at least under the Windows version), and I have
been thinking about running a PHP script from at or cron depending on the platform via the
command line flavour of PHP.

If I do this, first of all, would the default 30 second execution limit still apply, and secondly,
does the command line flavour of PHP contain the same database / filesystem access as the
Apache PHP module?

Any info on this will be greatly appreciated.

Cheers in advance,


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