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From "Lewis Watson" <>
Subject Re: VitualHost problem finally fixed
Date Wed, 31 Jul 2002 06:57:49 GMT
I am not an expert, and I have asked for at least  twice as much help
compared to how much I do help.

If you do not like mine or anyone else's answers; no one is forcing you to
stay here. *Unsubscribe*.

While googling the only thing I found regarding your longevity here is less
than two months. Also, I noticed where your other questions to other groups
also resulted in your being told to LOOK IT UP in the docs, faqs, etc etc.

Yes, we are here to discuss apache and help each other as we go. If you have
a generic "how do I...." and the answer is in the doc's then that is the
best place to go and read about it. It will be a much more complete
explanation than a one or two sentence summary could provide you with here.

Any time I have had a question regarding interpreting the docs I have
received help here, as well as many other questions here. I guess you do not
like the answers you have received, therefore feel that you have not
received help.

If you do not feel that a link to the appropriate url helps than I really do
not know how much good it will do in explaining anything to you in an email.
Take care.

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From: "Admin" <>
To: "Apache Users" <>
Sent: Wednesday, July 31, 2002 1:16 AM
Subject: VitualHost problem finally fixed

> Well, thanks alot all you wonderful
> so-called experts and people claiming this and that.
> Most everybody on this list that claims to know something,
> really frustrates me and others to no end....with their so-called
> answers to questions.
> I've been monitoring this list for a very long time, as well as
> posting questions of my own. And most everytime i asked for help
> someone claiming to know this or that, directed me (and others)
> to look it up in the docs. Oh sure...they gave a short and sweet
> so-called answer, but they always told us to GO LOOK IT UP.
> Offering no help, but that, and i don't consider that help. As far as
> that is concerned, I was led to believe that this list is supposed to
> be for asking help and receiving same. Not just telling others to
> "GO LOOK IT UP" least that is what is stated on the "support"
>  section on the apache website...for this list.
> Well, thanks for nothing !!!!

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