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From "John Passaniti" <>
Subject RE: More help with apache and CGI-Perl
Date Mon, 01 Jul 2002 21:03:31 GMT
> > Would you (or someone) please provide a URL to
> > archives for the development list where this 
> > issue is discussed?  I'm interested in the 
> > answer, even if you're not interested in providing 
> > it.
> Eh?  The answer is exactly what you see: what goes into
> the code and how the server behaves.  More people wanted 
> it that way than otherwise.  Was that unclear?  Sorry 
> if so..

Yes, that is unclear.  Your first response suggested that the reasons
for this are deeper than a cutesy "that's the way it works" and "more
people wanted it than otherwise."  While I don't expect you to summarize
every possible position given in those discussions, it would have been
helpful for you to give the major reason(s) for the signature.  I can't
believe this is a simple matter of a vote with the majority winning
without any good reason(s) to justify their choice.

Whatever.  You don't want to answer the question, and so I'll do as you
suggest and join the development list.

> If you really want to know about the discussions
> on the development list, join it.  

No, I have no real desire to know the discussions on the development
list.  All I wanted was for the person who suggested there were deeper
reasons to provide them.  If I found those reasons interesting, I was
going to dig deeper.  Now I have to dig deeper just to get the answer
you know, but apparently don't want to provide.

> This list is about how to use the server, not
> really about why it is the way it is.  

I know what this list is for.  What started as a simple question that
could have been answered with a sentence or two from you turned into
several messages.  

Thanks for your help.

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