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From "Joshua Jackson">
Subject SSI Question
Date Mon, 29 Jul 2002 20:49:44 GMT
I'm trying to get the command "top" to print to a webpage.  What I have
tried, thusfar, is...

<!--#exec cmd="top" -->
<!--#exec cmd="top -n 1" -->
<!--#exec cmd="top -s -n 1" -->
<!--#exec cmd="top -b -n 1" -->
<!--#exec cmd="top -n 1 > top.txt" -->
<!--#include virtual="top.txt" -->

For some reason, exec cmd won't allow top.  It does ls and ps axu just fine,
so it's working and, presumably, set up correctly.  The > top.txt doesn't
create the text file, either.  It's almost like exec cmd excludes top,

I have also tried putting "top -n 1 > top.txt" as a crontab, but it simply
creates a blank top.txt.  I'm baffled.

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