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From "Dmitry Medvedev" <>
Subject Re: Newbie question on setup and configuration
Date Wed, 10 Jul 2002 19:11:32 GMT
good day, D'Armous Boone.

Setting the Apache for testing purposes is not diffucult a task.

Before you start make sure that the MS Internet Information Server is not
running, for it uses the 80 port which will conflict with the Apacher web
server's default one. Sure you can change the Apache's port later but the
installation script can report an error.... To cut it short, it's better to
stop (or even better to kill) the MS IIS :-)

Start the setup.exe (or whatever it's name is). Specify the installation
directory. This is the point when you should think twice. By default the
server wants to be installed to somewhere like "C:\Program Files\Apache
Group\Apache". This is really not good, for later (when the server will be
successfully installed) you will have to modify some lines in the
configuration file - most of these lines will contain this installation
path. Besides that the path is rather long and it also contains gaps, so
you'll have to use inverted commas. The "C:\Apache" is a good start. Then
press OK's till the end :-)

If everything's allright (no errors during the setup) you can test the
server by typing in the IE address bar something like http://localhost/ and
hitting the Enter button; otherwise you will have to alter the httpd.conf
file (the web server's main configuration file).

On your request the server will send you the index.html (if it exists) which
is located in the c:\apache\htdocs directory or directory listing of the
index.html is absent.

To make it simple you can just sweep this directory and store there your own
files, though I would not reccommend you doing so, for you will lose all the
web server documentation :-)

Further, if you want everything be made in the smart way (:-) you should
refer to the virtual host documentation page on the apache web site or find
the corresponding one in the htdocs directory of the Apache installation
folder. Setup your own virtual hosts and enjoy the life! Do not hesitate to
sak for help, you are welcome, though remember that it's better to have at
least some basic understanding of how it all works than to know nothing.

For more help, please refer back to the list :-)


Developer Express inc.

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From: "D'Armous Boone" <>
To: "Apache Users Mailing List" <>
Sent: Wednesday, July 10, 2002 9:24 PM
Subject: Newbie question on setup and configuration

> Hello Users Mailing List,
> I am a newbie to servers in general.  I am using the Windows ME OS and
> just bought Dreamweaver MX, and would like to setup the Apache server
> just for site testing purposes (I am trying to learn how to use CGI
> scripts and work with databases such as MySQL).  I do not want to go
> live with the server.  Can the Apache server be setup to do that?  If so
> how do I configure it to do so?  I tried to install the computer on my
> own but could not get past the point where I was asked for DNS
> information.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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