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From "-=[ Julien Bonastre ]=-" <>
Subject [Apache] URL Rewriting / Subdomains
Date Fri, 19 Jul 2002 15:23:42 GMT
Hello All..

I have a small problem and I am sure it can be fixed via some neat htaccess trick ;)

The deal is. I have a server.. and in the root folder i have a htacess with a bit of subdomain
stuff in it.. but I am trying to fix a "folder" prob..

Ok. here goes..

I have for example:
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST}
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !subs/abc/
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ subs/abc/$1 [L]

Ok.. Now this works fine.. and if I request I get the content from /subs/abc..

but.. when I get there and start browsing around I will see the links and images source is
actually going to: and then the subfolder and/or file name after that..

It seems to be whenever I decided to visit a subfolder of these subdomains that suddenly the
"real" name seems to popup in the system..

for example..

if I decide to goto it does get the contents of
BUT it seems that now the urls in the page and images etc.. all have
and then the filename of image/link etc..

Why is it that when I request folders it seems to rewrite the URL but it doens't seem to "hide"
this /sub/abc path??

Also I have the CNAME * setup so all subs goto the site where I process them with
a htacess

But.. I have kinda got the rough handle of using but can I also use

is it possible to somehow parse the URL so it can, for example..goto a folder under that sub??

ok a example: I want and this will in reality load up
but I'd like the URL to stay as if possible..

Can it be done??

Thank you SOO very much anyone and everyone for your time and assistance..

Thanks a million in advance ;)

\  Julien Bonastre [The_RadiX]

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