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From "Steve Leach" <>
Subject Re: DNS Setting - Most Proberly of topic but running out off places to ask.
Date Sun, 21 Jul 2002 20:40:19 GMT
Well, it is off-topic - but here are some links to get you started....

If you want a good book, then two come to mind:

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  From: Team Tatooine 
  Sent: Sunday, July 21, 2002 9:27 PM
  Subject: DNS Setting - Most Proberly of topic but running out off places to ask.


  First i will apoliogise whether this is off topic but i am running out place to ask.

  Do any of you know where i can find a begginers guide to DNS, i have been serching on the
internet for hours and i do not seem to be able to find anything that is simple, I am a begginer
and trying to learn but all the stuff i find is just mind boggeling So i thought i would ask
here as it is slighly related.

  Also (Something that is related) I run Apache 2 on my winXp computer and being a bit stupid
and new to all this (I am trying to learn that why i am going through this) and hame having
troble with the config files at the moment they just seem to go over my head no matter how
meny time i read the manual or search the web for help, Do anyof you know of any program that
has a GUI that would work on XP or any other way of configering the program like you can with
say Xarmi, that is really simple to use and you do not have to play about with commands ect.

  Thanks in advance

  Yours gratefully

  Matthew Blackburn

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