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From Steve Parrish <>
Subject Re: Apache 2 and mod_ssl on Win32
Date Tue, 04 Jun 2002 01:06:28 GMT
>Are there clear directions on compiling Apache 2 with mod_ssl for Windows
>NT or better yet a binary version with mod_ssl?
>I was able to do it (with alot of tinkering) with Apache 2.0.35.  I am
>currently currently trying to compile Apache 2.0.36 with mod_ssl but
>running into new errors.
>If someone could point me to a good 'Compiling Apache 2.0.X/mod-ssl on
>Win32 How-To' I'd appreciate it.
>Jeff Sturek

I had no problem compiling Apache 2.0.36/OpenSSL 0.9.6/zlib with on XP. I followed the instructions in the Apache docs. I'm 
surprised they worked so good! Follow the command line build 
instructions and you should be ok.

The only trouble I had was with setting up OpenSSL for generating 
certs. And the SSLPassPhraseDialog (mod_ssl) doesn't work on Win32, 
so private keys must either a) have no passphrase or b) be 


Steve Parrish

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