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From Mitchell HARRIS<>
Subject [No Subject]
Date Sat, 22 Jun 2002 07:08:55 GMT

Alex Togstad

I have read the Docs and could not find the answer
which is the reason why I post the question.  Your sound as if you have the
answer to this particular questions.  I'm glad you know this particular

The docs are pretty large so if you can narrow my search and direct me to a
certain area where maybe I miss the answer I will be glad to read it again.

I don't know who you are but I'm sure someone has helped you with
something(maybe this same problem or another one). Some one will surely help
your again in the future because your certainly don't know everything.

If you need a certain kind of self assurance about yourself in reference to
how smart your are where you ATTEMP to make others feel small, to make youself
feel large you need to know something. What you really do is show me and
others just how much you DON'T know and how small your are. I'm sure your are
no dummy but your are no genious either. No one knows everything.

You have learned a little something and now you are pompouse.  I feel sorry
for your.

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