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From Jeff Beard <>
Subject Re: install apache 2.0.39 over ontop of red hat apache install
Date Sat, 29 Jun 2002 12:21:28 GMT
On Fri, 28 Jun 2002, Desmond Lee wrote:

> Hi there
> I'm fairly new to linux and just starting to learn apache.
> I've installed Red hat v 7.3 and selected to have apache and mysql to be
> installed as well. HOwever, i need to get apache 2.* in order to run a
> coldfusion server.

According to their website, you do not. 1.3.x is supported on your platform.
You might check with Redhat for updated RPMs if you don't want to build from

> So, i had apache 1.3.23-11 installed and then installed apache 2.0.39 on top
> of that. WHen apache 1.3.23 was installed during the red hat installation it
> used the /etc/httpd/ dir to set up the conf, logs and module dir. But when i
> installed apache2.0.39 i went w/ the defaults and isntalled it in the
> /usr/local/apache2/ dir. Now i have two versions of apache files in
> different places. How do i use only the latest installation? Does red hat
> need the apache server files placed in the /etc/httpd/ dir for any reason,
> or can i go w/ the default of /usr/local/apache2/ ?
> I don't just want to remove all the files from the /etc/httpd/ dir. I also
> tried to do
> >rpm -e apache 1.3.23-11
> But taht didn't work cause i have dependicies
> error: removing these packages would break dependencies:
> apache is needed by apacheconf-0.8.2-2
> webserver is needed by mod_dav-1.0.3-5
> webserver is needed by mod_perl-1.26-5
> webserver is needed by mod_ssl-2.8.7-4
> webserver is needed by webalizer-2.01_10-1

You can remove all of this.

> Should remove the apche 2 installation by removing the /usr/local/apache2/
> dir and then reinstall apache configured to install in the /etc/httpd/ dir
> (where linux put it by default).

Don't bother with this if you want to keep this one.

> Or, should i try and remove the originall apache installation done when
> installing red hat and then try reinstalling apache 2 to the /etc/httpd dir?

Don't install in /etc. That would be bad style. Remove the RPMS and all
dependancies. You won't break anything since all that stuff above is
Apache stuff.

Install in /usr/local/apache2 (or whereever you actually want it).

Try typing /usr/local/apache2/bin/httpd -v instead since that's
where it lives.


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