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From Jeff Beard <>
Subject RE: Apache Monitoring tools
Date Thu, 27 Jun 2002 23:11:43 GMT
wwwhack is just a brute force password guesser. And a
pretty weak one at that. Of course, lots of people have
weak passwords. :)

Anyway, all the tools necessary to gather this information
and do something with it exist on a *nix box so a shell or
Perl script would do the job.


On Thu, 27 Jun 2002, Chris Hsiang wrote:

> You are right about VMonitor so that is why it wasn't my choice.  What I
> want to accomplish is this...   It is very easy now to hijack http
> connetion from a single computers.  WWWHACK and other tools is able to
> hijack http connection to an apache server.  What I want to is monitor
> is current http connection made to our server and also what is the CPU &
> memory usage of apache.   It would be great if the monitoring tools can
> set limits and alert and notify.
> We are currently already running analog, report magic and also AWstats.
> I am not looking for log analyzing tools
> Chris Hsiang
> Intervivos LLC

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