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From Bryan Koschmann - GKT <>
Subject Rewriting to lowercase
Date Thu, 20 Jun 2002 18:18:43 GMT
I guess I should have asked both in the earlier message. I am trying to
find the best way to do this; I have an NT server running IIS and am
switching/upgrading to a linux box with apache. Of course, many of the
users setup their websites with mixed cases that don't correspond the the
case of the filename.

Now, I can probably find scripts to rename all the files in the directory
to lowercase, so that isn't an issue. But, I need a way to get apache to
find them, no matter what the case in the html source is. I'm guessing
something could be done with mod_rewrite. I looked at the URL rewriting
page, and didn't see anything specific for it.

How can I do this, and will it work with everything in the HTML, or just
the links they click on( i.e. will images still be broken)?

I hope this isn't something I should have already come across, forgive me
if it is.

Thanks in advance,


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