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Subject VirtualHost and JkMount
Date Mon, 24 Jun 2002 19:51:13 GMT
Hi all,

I had originally set up Apache (1.3) and Tomcat (4.1) to host one site
using ajp12/JkMount connector.  Apache sent most requests to Tomcat using
the JkMount command.  For example, a request to
directory would be sent to tomcat.

Now, I've added another site to Apache so I am using the Virtual Host
container, one for each site.  The problem is that Apache forwards all
requests to MyHomeDir, regardless of which virtualhost is requested.  For
instance,  a request to goes to the same MyHomeDir as

So, when using virtual hosts, where to I put the JkMounts that only applies
to 1 virtual host?

Here is my current setup.
    DocumentRoot F:\site1
    ErrorLog logs/site1_error.log
    CustomLog logs/site1_access.log common

    DocumentRoot F:\site2
    ErrorLog logs/site2.log
    CustomLog logs/site2.log common

JkWorkersFile E:/Apache/conf/

JkMount /manager/* tomcat1
JkMount /MyHomeDir/* tomcat1
JkMount /Pma/* tomcat1

# ***********************************************************


Jason E. Brawner
Silenus Group
(248) 735-8077

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