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Subject Re: apache URL help
Date Tue, 18 Jun 2002 17:36:35 GMT

Thank you sooooooooooooooooooo much.  I was able to change the
DocumentRoot, leaving the 1st alias pointing to the logon.cfm and removed
all other alias entries.

Can I ask one other question -
When I key in the actual server name alone ( like http://server) , I get
the index of directories.  How can I block this?

"Dmitry Medvedev" <> on 06/18/2002 01:00:21 PM

Please respond to

To:    <>

Subject:    Re: apache URL help

Suppose, several solutions can be found.
One of them consists in setting the DocumentRoot to the
"var/apache/htdocs/CFIDE/HotQuery", additionally you can flavour all this
with a new virtual host. Still this one cannot be considered the smartest

If you really think you need to do something about this you can try to use
mod_rewrite ( The latter provides a real power to
such tricks.

Consider the following pages:

Of course, something can be found on the and via

Still, your approach in the current situation I would consider the most
optimal: it does not cause overheat 'cos it does not use any extra
functionality besides the most common.
As for me, I do the same you did when deploying, for instance, EWF on
Apache, 'cos I know for sure what and how many directories I should have to
have it all up and running and that neither the number of them nor their
locations will change. So, I do not need to manually correct the aliases
every day. Still, it's up to you to make a decision.

PPS: Sorry for my English.
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Sent: Tuesday, June 18, 2002 8:18 PM
Subject: apache URL help

> I am using Apache and another product called hotquery.  I want to shorten
> the URL so users only have to enter something like:
> /med/hotquery
> While doing this, I also want to force the users to a logon screen in
> hotquery.
> I have added the following in the httpd.conf file -
> Alias /hotquery "/var/apache/htdocs/CFIDE/HotQuery/logon.cfm"
> I am not sure Alias is actually what I need but it does appear to work.
> When /med/hotquery is entered as the URL it goes right to the logon.cfm
> Now, I have had to creaste several other aliases to point to images, etc.
> See below.
> Alias /images "/var/apache/htdocs/CFIDE/HotQuery/images"
> Alias /Logon_Process.Cfm
> "/var/apache/htdocs/CFIDE/HotQuery/Logon_Process.Cfm"
> Alias /main.cfm "/var/apache/htdocs/CFIDE/HotQuery/main.cfm"
> Alias /query_list.cfm "/var/apache/htdocs/CFIDE/HotQuery/query_list.cfm"
> Alias /header.cfm "/var/apache/htdocs/CFIDE/HotQuery/header.cfm"
> Alias /javascript.js "/var/apache/htdocs/CFIDE/HotQuery/javascript.js"
> Alias /sql.cfm "/var/apache/htdocs/CFIDE/HotQuery/sql.cfm"
> Alias /hotprompt.cfm "/var/apache/htdocs/CFIDE/HotQuery/hotprompt.cfm"
> There must be an easier way.  Is alias the proper thing to use in this
> case????
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