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Subject Re: Compiling Apache for Tandem
Date Wed, 19 Jun 2002 16:35:16 GMT

Hi Oscar,

So glad to see there are more people with the same problem than me.

Have you seen my last email, subject: "Apache on Himalaya Serie S74000"???
Have you got the same problem?


"Redbull te da aaaaaaaaalas........"

                      Oscar Alvaro                                                       
                      Rodriguez                Para:           
                      <oscar.alvaro@te         cc:                                    
            >                  Asunto:  Compiling Apache for Tandem   
                      19/06/2002 18:30                                                   
                      Por favor,                                                         
                      responda a users                                                   

I wonder if anyone out there can help with tips for compiling Apache Web
Server 2.0.39 on a Himalaya Serie S74000 with Operating System Version
Thanks for the help,

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