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From "ytsedan" <>
Subject httpd won't start in my 2.4.18
Date Wed, 19 Jun 2002 19:57:09 GMT
Thanks! In fact my problem with 2.2 was the simple fact 
I hadn't created a user for apache. dumb me :)

The "accept lock" error keeps happening in 2.4.18. I 
searched the config log file for warnings and found 

I compiled my kernel from the lastest, 20+MB kernel 
source from one of the main Linux sites. It was my first 
success on that area. Should I have something installed? 
Currently I've got glibc, the linux includes, and other 
packages listed as important for gmake in the slackware 
docs. I compiled the kernel after I got these on.

thanks again,
Daniel Araujo

> On Mon, 2002-06-17 at 23:54, Daniel Araujo wrote:
> >     Hey all, I still can't start httpd in linux. Has 
someone gone through
> > this or have a guess? This time I have the exact 
error messages.
> > 
> >     Running "apachectl start" from the 2.4.18 kernel 
I compiled returns this
> > message:
> >     "[Mon Jun 17 14:00:07 2002] [emerg] (38)Function 
not implemented:
> > Couldn't create accept lock"
>   Don't know about kernel configuration on this.  
Sounds more like
>   missing build components on your system.  I am 
thinking that probably
>   one or more 'nice to have' libraries are missing.  
Configure may not
>   flag an error, but it should have logged a warning 
about missing
>   functionality.  Check your config.log in your build 
> > 
> >     On the 2.2 kernel installed by my Slackware 8.0 
CD, I get this one:
> >     "[Tue Jun 18 00:32:45 2002] [emerg] (22)Invalid 
argument: Couldn't set
> > permissions on cross-process lock; check User and 
Group directives"
>   With this one, what are User and Group set to in the 
>   file?  Apache is complaining that these are either 
not configured, or
>   are set to a non-existant user/group combo on your 
machine.  If they
>   are set in the httpd.conf file, check /etc/passwd 
and /etc/group to
>   see if they are defined in there.
> > 
> >     The fact each kernel returns me a different 
error makes me think there's
> > something to do with the way I configured my kernel. 
If so, where could I
> > have gone wrong?
> > 
> >     By the way, these error messages are not printed 
to screen; they're in
> > the logs/error_log file. And I haven't noticed any 
problems during the
> > (./configure;make;make install) proccess.
> > 
> >     Thanks a lot,
> >     Daniel Araujo
> >     Fábrica de Idéias
> >

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