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From "John Cammarata" <>
Subject how do I rewrite a lines in a response using Apache as a Proxy
Date Thu, 20 Jun 2002 13:22:52 GMT
I have a deployment of Apache where the network Diagram looks like the 

Client  --> Apache (Reverse Proxy server) --> Application Server.
        SSL                              HTTP

Apache is used as a reverse proxy server in front of a commercial Java 
application server.  Clients connect to the apache server using SSL and the 
connecitons from the back end to the Application server are just basic HTTP.

What I want to do is have the Apache (reverse proxy) rewrite certain links 
in the response data stream.  In particular I want to rewrite all HTML link 
tags to have "https://" instead of "http://" to ensure the client connects 
to those URLs via SSL.

For example, a user requests the index.jsp page.  The application server 
serves this page and then sends it to the apache proxy server.  The apache 
proxy server then reads the response stream and rewrites for instance, <a 
href="> to <a href="">.
The apache server then sends this response to the client.

Is this possible in Apache with out writing a custom module?

Can this be done with the mod_rewrite module?

>From what I have been reading about the mod_rewrite module it only acts on 
the URL and headers not the actual data/body of the response stream.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

best regards,


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