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From "Goff, Nathan" <>
Subject JavaScript, Apache Web Server 2.0 & Netscape 4.77
Date Mon, 10 Jun 2002 18:55:10 GMT
I am running a little snipit of javascript code, as seen below, on a Solaris machine running
Apache 2.0.  When I attempt to run the piece of javascript through an onClick event the data
is not selected and thus it is not submitted.  However, when I take the exact same code and
run it on my other Solaris box running Apache 1.3 I have no problems with it.  Does anybody
know of a bug in Apache 2.0 that is related to javascript selection/submission problems?

I am starting here, because I have been able to produce the problem in one version of Apache,
but not another.  However, it is possible the problem lies in the PHP portion.  The page is
initially drawn to the screen with a static php module on the 1.3.2 box and a dynamic php
module on 2.0 machine.  I also believe they are different versions of php.  The interesting
thing is that I don't get a javascript error, but nothing gets selected and thus the submission
to the mysql database fails.

Any suggestions on a solution or where I should look for a solution would be greatly appreciated.
 I think one of my next steps is to make sure both web servers are running the same version
of PHP and are both using them the same way(dynamic vs static).


Nathan Goff
Build Engineer
Mentor Graphics

JavaScript Code:

function getOptions(theForm, sourceArray)

        for (selectObject in sourceArray)
                selLength = theForm.elements[sourceArray[selectObject]].length;

                while(count < selLength)
= true;

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