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From Jonathan Thomas <>
Subject RE: Problem running Apache 2.0.39
Date Wed, 19 Jun 2002 15:12:09 GMT
There are also issues compiling PHP into Apache 2.0.39.  Guess it was a
rushed roll-out.


-----Original Message-----
From: Guillaume Tournat [] 
Sent: Wednesday, June 19, 2002 11:06 AM
Subject: Problem running Apache 2.0.39


I've upgraded to Apache 2.0.39 since the security issue, and there's a
problem when I try to run it. I've got :

" httpd: module "sapi_apache2.c" is not compatible with this version of
Apache. Please contact the vendor for the correct version.  "

It's same configure syntax to compile it that I use for Apache 2.0.36, and
for the 2.0.36 it works.

configure syntax :

./configure --prefix=/usr/local/httpd2 --enable-module=env --enable-shared=e
nv --enable-module=setenvif --enable-shared=setenvif
--enable-module=unique_id --enable-shared=unique_id --enable-module=mime
--enable-shared=mime --enable-module=mime_magic --enable-shared=mime_magic
--enable-module=negoti ation --enable-shared=negotiation
--enable-module=alias --enable-shared=alias --en able-module=rewrite
--enable-shared=rewrite --enable-module=userdir --enable-shared=userdir --en
able-module=dir --enable-shared=dir --enable-module=autoindex
--enable-shared=autoindex --enable-module=speling --enable-shared=speling
--enable-module=access --ena ble-shared=access --enable-module=auth
--enable-shared=auth --enable-module=auth_dbm --enable- shared=auth_dbm
--enable-module=auth_db --enable-shared=auth_db --enable-module=auth_anon
--enable-shared=auth_anon --enable-module=auth_digest --enable-shared=auth_d
igest --enable-module=headers --enable-shared=headers
--enable-module=expires --enable-shared=expires --enable-module=asis
--enable-shared=asis --enable-m odule=include --enable-shared=include
--enable-module=cgi --enable-shared=cgi --enable-mod ule=actions
--enable-shared=actions --enable-module=status --enable-shared=status --enab
le-module=info --enable-shared=info --enable-module=log_config
--enable-shared=log_config --enable-module=log_agent
--enable-shared=log_agent --enable-module=log_refe rer
--enable-shared=log_referer --enable-module=usertrack --enable-shared=usertr
ack --enable-module=imap --enable-shared=imap --enable-module=proxy
--enable-sha red=proxy --enable-ssl

Thanks for help.


IIS ? Not a web server ? What's it then ?

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