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From "Bernecker, Richard {PBSG}" <>
Subject RE: name vs ip based virtual
Date Mon, 24 Jun 2002 21:38:31 GMT
Fletcher Sandbeck wrote:
> On 2002-06-24 at 2:21 PM, Bernecker, Richard {PBSG} wrote:
> > If you're using IP based virtual hosting, moving an app from 
> > one server to another does NOT require any DNS updates - only 
> > that you bind the virtual host's IP to the interface of it's 
> > new server and unbind it from the old server. that can be a
> > lifesaver if you ever smoke a server/need to hit Disaster 
> > Recovery mode. 
> Even with hostname based virtual hosting you don't have to do 
> any DNS changes to
> move the sites to a different machine.  As long as you move 
> all the sites which
> share a single IP address to a replacement machine as a group 
> it is just as easy
> as moving sites that each have different IP addresses.

Agreed, so long as you can maintain that symbiotic relationship
between a given server/platform and a given group of virtual 
hosts. In many cases, I've found that I cannot guarantee that 
I'll have at least one 'like' replacement platform for each of 
my current server types, and being able to 'mix-n'match' vhosts
and available server platforms (capacity sizing, basically) 
comes in bloody handy. 

> I would argue that it's actually easier to recover from a 
> disaster if you use
> hostname based virtual hosting since you don't need to alter 
> the network
> settings on the replacement machine, you just need to set the 
> IP address to the
> IP address of the defunct server and restore your apache 
> settings from backup
> onto the new machine.

See above, and just wait until you have hundreds and hundreds 
of heterogeneous server platforms distributed across 3-4 time 
zones and coupled with localized tape solutions. <vbg>

Richard Bernecker
PBSG - Addison, TX

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